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Your Enzyme Therapy Questions Answered

From the Game of Thrones facial to “that one with the crazy capillaries”, our DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments have been called it all! Whilst some skin treatments only work on the surface of the skin, Enzyme Therapy treatments work on a much deeper level to strengthen your skin and deliver exceptional skin revision.

What is Enzyme Therapy? 

When people think of the renowned skincare powerhouse DMK, they often think of their signature Enzyme Therapy treatment. DMK Enzyme Therapy is a face and body mask that contains living enzymes. A treatment experience like no other, the mask hardens on the treatment area whilst the enzymes begin to accelerate your skin’s cellular processes. 

During this process, you may have noticed your capillaries become more noticeable than before. This is the famous Plasmatic Effect! Enzyme Therapy stimulates your body’s circulatory system to deliver fresh, oxygenated blood throughout your capillaries and flush out toxins, lymph build up and dead cell material that your body doesn’t need.  

What can Enzyme Therapy treat?

As Enzyme Therapy works at a cellular level, it’s our go-to for bringing balance back to complexions. Working to revise and rebuild skin to a healthy function, Enzyme Therapy specialises in treating acne and congestion, pore size, uneven skin tone, the signs of ageing, sun damage, scarring and the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. 

Am I suitable for the treatment?

One of the reasons we love DMK Enzyme Therapy is that it is suitable to a broad range of skin types and conditions. Like any SkinEnergy treatment, we begin with a thorough skin consultation. Our consultation process allows us to get to know you and your skin better to craft a considered treatment plan. 

What should I expect from my treatment?

Now this is where things get exciting! Enzyme Therapy is an ultra-unique treatment that feels like a workout for your face. Available in different levels to match your skin’s needs best, you’ll need to set aside at least one hour for your treatment. 

Brushed onto your treatment area, the mask will feel wet and cool. Across around 45 minutes, your mask will harden like concrete and you will feel your facial muscles tightening and your skin pulsating. This is your oxygenated blood pumping through your system, flushing out toxins and delivering your cells fresh nutrients. 

Your mask is gently removed and not only does your skin look supple and hydrated on the outside, but your cells are enjoying their brand-new environment to flourish and thrive in.

How do I book an Enzyme Therapy treatment?

Let’s begin with a SkinEnergy consultation to match the best treatment to your skin goals.

If Enzyme Therapy is a great fit for you, then we recommend a course of in-clinic treatments with some expertly prescribed DMK skincare to keep your skin flourishing at home.

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