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Your Chemical Peel Questions Answered

Chemical peels have become one of the heroes of skin rejuvenation over the past few years and we’re not surprised! Corrective, uber-focused and high performance, chemical peels are able to deliver incredible skin corrective results for a range of different skin concerns. 

Despite its rather intense name, not all chemical peels are made the same. If you’ve avoided a peel out of fear of resembling Samantha Jones in Sex and The City, fear not! Some chemical peels require no downtime and can have you back to your regular activities in no time. It’s all about finding the peels that not only suits your skin but works hard to target your individual concerns. 

Today, we’ve collated some of your most frequently asked chemical peel questions and shared our expert answers!

How does a peel actually work?

Chemical peels work by applying a carefully formulated solution to your skin that accelerates the exfoliation process. This formulation will depend on what you’re hoping to address during your treatment and the intensity of the peel itself. 

It works by removing the epidermal layer of the skin (your outmost layer) to accelerate skin cell turnover and cause it, like the name suggests, to peel. During those process, the peeled skin cells can take with them unwanted concerns like sun damage and welcome fresh, healthy skin cells to your complexion. 

The strength of the peel will be the determining factor in how many layers are affected (how much you shed) and the downtime associated with your peel. 

What can a peel treat?

Those that experience breakouts, congestion, blackheads, pigmentation or the signs of ageing will greatly benefit from peels! As all peels are formulated differently, we’ll discuss your skin health and skin goals during your consultation to ensure we can match you with the right one. 

What kind of results can I expect from a peel? 

The peel you have experienced will greatly determine your overall result but whether you peel fast or slow, you can expect to see improved clarity, texture and tone looking back at you in the mirror. 

For results that tackle the signs of ageing head on, our Pro Alpha Six-Layer Peel is ideal. Known for its ability to “take off 10 years in 10 days”, this intensive treatment restores the skin back to optimal health and youthful function. Using a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, the Pro Alpha Six-Layer Peel focusses on smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, lightening pigmentation, boosting hydration and revealing younger, brighter looking skin. Multi-layered and working deep within the skin, this is an extremely hardworking peel and over the following weeks, you’re going to experience some serious changes in your skin. 

If you don’t have time up your sleeve or you’re looking for an overall skin refresh, then our DMK Pro Peel or DMK Lunchtime Peel have your name written all over it. Energising tired skin and improving your overall skin’s function, these peels give you all the incredible benefits of a professional chemical peel, without the downtime. Ideal for those experiencing breakouts, congestion or an uneven complexion, the Pro Peel subtly resurfaces the skin to reveal a fresher complexion over longer period of time. 

Do all peels have downtime?

This is the biggest misconception about peels that we’re debunking today! No, not all peels have intensive post-treatment downtime. Peels like our DMK Pro Peel are a gentler approach to chemical peels that work over a longer period of time. If you’re chasing fast results or ready to really address your niggling skin concern, then a peel with some associated downtime may be your option. We recommend any social events, meetings or outdoor activities into account when booking a more advanced chemical peel like our Pro Alpha. 

Is one peel enough?

As much as we’d loved to say chemical peels are a one hit wonder, they too are part of the marathon of skin health rather than the sprint. Chemical peels are generally paired with other treatments like DMK Enzyme Therapy or Nutritional Facials to maintain your overall skin health. 

Before beginning an intensive treatment like our Pro Alpha, we recommend a series of Enzyme Therapy treatments and professionally prescribed homecare to boost your skin’s resilience and strength. This ensures that your skin is in optimal condition to receive these intensive treatments and help you achieve the glowing skin results you’re chasing. 

More mild peels like the DMK Pro Peel or DMK Lunchtime Peel can be part of your regular skin health program with many switching up their regular DMK facials for a peel every 6-8 weeks. 

How do I get started? 

We’re so glad you asked! We’re welcoming March with a total skin refresh. Pairing 2 professionally selected chemical peels, 2 divine Nutritional Facials and a DMK essentials at-home skincare pack, you’re on your way to fabulous Autumn skin! The best part? You’ll be saving yourself over $130 in the process!

Simply visit our website or call us in-clinic to secure your package. 

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