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Why We’re So Passionate About Skin Analysis

If you’re new to our clinic, you’re about to learn that we take skin analysis very seriously. Every skin tells a different story therefore, each client needs a personalised approach when it comes to their in-clinic and at-home treatments.

Our approach to skin analysis is so renowned that it’s taught to clinics and salons across the country! Dedicated to achieving your individual skin goals, we believe that this starts from the moment we begin your analysis.

As you read on, you’ll learn why our skin analysis isn’t just a quick conversation about what products you’re using at home but instead, a deep dive into your underlying conditions, lifestyle choices and crafting a bespoke skin health journey that’s uniquely you.

Professional skin analysis gives both you and your treatment provider a solid understanding of your true skin health. At face value, some skin conditions cannot be seen but as we dive deeper into your analysis, often using magnifiers or technology, we can start to unpack underlying conditions that could be contributing to your skin concerns. Pairing this knowledge with medical history, medication and the way you take care of your skin each day, we’re able to start creating connections and ultimately, match you with an appropriate treatment plan.

An expert skin analysis doesn’t just cover the state of your skin but the internal and external habits throughout your life that can be contributing to its condition. We’ll discuss your general lifestyle habits, diet and any supplements you may be taking that could be impacting your skin and gut health (as we know, these two are significantly connected!).

External contributors such as how often your skin is exposed to the sun, whether you’re working under an air conditioner all day and even the elements your skin is susceptible to throughout your day all play a key role in the overall condition of your complexion.

Don’t worry, these discussions aren’t always about pointing the finger or making drastic changes! Having a holistic view of your skin means getting to know the life it lives each day so together; we can make practical and wise investments in your skin health that will support your goals.

Skin analysis is incredibly important before beginning any in-clinic treatment journey, especially if it involves advanced technology. We take all of these factors into consideration and not only craft your bespoke in-clinic plan but the skincare we recommend using at-home to match.

During your skin analysis, we’ll discuss the products you’re currently using in your routine and ensure they’re the best fit for your skin. In a world of millions of products from anti- ageing ‘miracles’ to skin clearing saviours, we’re not surprised many clients feel confused and overwhelmed when beginning a skin health journey! This is where analysis comes in. Taking the confusion out of what your skin actually needs, we’re able to refine your daily skincare routine to focus on the products that are going to work best for you in that moment.

Just like we visit a hairdresser for regular trims or a mechanic for car servicing, your skin health is an ongoing commitment. At the approach of every season, we recommended reviewing your treatment plans to ensure what you’re doing in and out of the clinic is still working hard for your skin. We promise this doesn’t mean throwing out all your products and starting fresh! It means introducing or removing hero products for that specific season to replenish your skin with what it needs most.

So, why do we go to such lengths with our skin analysis? That’s simple! Prevention is always a more seamless process than correction. Through professional skin analysis, like ours at SkinEnergy, we’re able to educate our clients on the importance of respecting our largest organ and begin to craft proactive skin habits to last a lifetime.

Your skin will represent you for years to come! Invest in it well.

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