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Which Skin Treatment Is Right For Me?

We get it. The ever-growing list of skin treatments and trends can feel overwhelming at times, especially if you’re just getting started! From facials, skincare to technologies, it can hard to know if the treatment you’ve got your eye on is going to work the hardest for your complexion.

Now, when it comes to the SkinEnergy experience, we always begin every client journey with a professional skin consultation. This allows us to find out what’s really going on beneath the skin’s surface and ensure that the treatments and skincare you get started with are the absolute best for achieving your goals.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular skin treatments and the results they’re best known for so you can discover what’s available right here in our clinic to achieve your skin goals.

If you love the sound of any of the treatments we’ve mentioned today, you can simply click Book Now on our website to get started!

If you’re tired of acne scarring

If you’re experiencing acne scarring, it’s likely you’ve tried every trick in the book with no luck. Fortunately, skin needling is the saving grace for many, offering a progressive and results-driven way to farewell various forms of acne scarring.

Skin needling works by creating tiny micro wounds in the skin that your skin recognises as something that requires healing. As a result, it supercharges your collagen production which works to smooth out the scarred areas, as well as added benefits like the brighter and tighter looking skin.

Many will see a visible improvement to their acne scarring after at least four treatments with minimal downtime after each session.

If you’re ready to banish pigmentation

Depending on the type of pigmentation, IPL skin treatments may be a great choice to brighten and even your skin tone.

Intense Pulsed Light, otherwise known as IPL, uses the power of light in powerful flashes to target specific concerns in the skin. In the case of pigmentation, the IPL wavelength is targeting the melanin, using heat to break down the pigment into smaller particles.

From there, your body will take care of the rest by raising it from the surface and then carrying it off via the body’s natural filtration system.

What many love about this option for removing pigmentation is that the treatment is incredibly quick and comfortable! As always, the leading way to avoid sun damage is by wearing SPF so whilst this treatment can promote a more even skin tone, you’ll need to up your skincare game to maintain it.

If your skin needs a serious pick-me-up

It’s no secret that LED light therapy is our Founder’s favourite treatment and we can’t say we’re surprised! LED light therapy is an incredible technology that is able to rejuvenate and restore the skin in so many different ways.

Suitable for all skin types, LED light therapy is an ultra-targeted treatment that harnesses clinically proven LED wavelengths. Each of these wavelengths have been designed to target and treat specific skin concerns such as the signs of ageing, acne and congestion, uneven skin tone, redness, and rosacea and even skin in need of repair and healing.

The best part? LED is completely pain-free and takes just 30 minutes out of your day! You can pop in the clinic for a little light therapy pick-me-up or add it into your existing SkinEnergy treatment.

If you’re wanting to maintain your glow

If you’re looking for a treatment to maintain your overall skin wellbeing, then look no further than Enzyme Therapy. Enzyme Therapy has become incredibly popular, especially on social media, not only because of its results but its next-level response in the skin known as the Plasmatic Effect.

Working at a cellular level, Enzyme Therapy stimulates your body’s circulatory system to deliver fresh, oxygenated blood throughout your capillaries. It flushes out toxins, lymphatic build-up, and dead cell material that your body doesn’t need so that your skin cells have the perfect environment to flourish in. It is the ultimate way to achieve glowing skin from within!

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