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The Glow-Down on LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is quite literally an out of this world skin treatment! That’s because it was developed by NASA to support the growth of plants in zero gravity environments. When the time came to try the technology on humans, NASA saw that the light-emitting diodes (LED) were accelerated wound healing and cellular repair.

LED light encourages cells to produce more of a chemical called Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP. ATP is the fuel behind healthy and flourishing cells. When more ATP is produced, cells such as fibroblasts can be accelerated and improve some of the most common complexion concerns.

So, how does incredible outer space research align with the Gold Coast’s leading skin clinic? Today, LED light therapy is available in-clinic as a cutting-edge skin rejuvenation service and we’re so thrilled to have it as part of our impressive menu line-up.

Read on as we give you the glow-down on how LED light therapy helps you achieve your skin goals.

What happens during my LED treatment?

We love LED light therapy because it’s not only an incredibly rejuvenating experience but a relaxing one too! Following a cleanse and exfoliation, we select from one or more LED wavelengths best suited to your individual skin needs. As you lay back and relax, the LED lights awaken your skin cells to energise them and kickstart the cell renewal process.

With no pain or downtime, a 30-minute LED session is the perfect lunchtime skin treat! Suitable for a broad range of skin types and conditions, we’re able to include LED into so many of your favourite SkinEnergy treatments or secure you weekly sessions to keep your skin in optimal condition.

Which LED wavelengths do what?

At SkinEnergy, we offer a selection of LED wavelengths, each offering unique wavelengths to cater to an impressive range of skin concerns. The perfect addition to your favourite SkinEnergy facials and ideal for in-between chemical peels and skin needling treatments, LED is a must-have on every skin journey prescription.

Red Light LED is perfect for supercharging collagen and elastin production for younger, firmer and thriving skin. Red Light LED accelerates circulation to boost lymphatic flow, reduce inflammation and improve skin repair. We love including Red Light LED in our age-management skin programs and as part of our bespoke skin clearing treatments.

Blue Light LED is perfect for taking control of blemishes! Blue Light LED has a core focus on destroying acne-causing bacteria and providing relief to active acne. Blue Light LED offers a dedicated focus on the activity within the sebaceous glands. The LED light works to slow down oil production and destroy bacteria build up.

Infrared LED is perfect for being the ultimate healer and rejuvenator. Infrared LED is absorbed deeply by our cells for pain to support wound healing and recovery where it’s needed most. It is the ideal LED light for aiding muscle recovery, joint pain, pain relief and wound healing. It’s proven support for skin trauma also makes it ideal for total skin rejuvenation and age-management as one of its hero features is to invigorate circulation.

How many LED treatments do I need?

We recommend at least 4-6 LED treatments to see optimal results. If you’re experiencing LED light therapy as a standalone service, we’d love to welcome you into the clinic weekly and in-between other skin treatments you have secured with us. LED light therapy’s versatility means we can often add it onto your existing skin treatments such as microdermabrasion.


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