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The Benefits of Regular Skin Treatments

Unfortunately, so many people only get professional skin treatments when they have a special event coming up or when they’re pampering themselves and wonder why they haven’t seen the mind-blowing results they’ve seen online, via social media or during their own research.

The reality is, for long-term, truly impactful skin results, a commitment in and out of the clinic is required. We must pair a series of in-clinic treatments with exceptional at-home skin care habits to achieve those results.

If you’ve ever wondered why your skin therapist suggests re-booking your appointments every 4-6 weeks, read on as we share the benefits of regular skin treatments and why your best results are yet to come.

It’s no coincidence that many advanced skin treatments like IPL, Skin Needling and even Enzyme Therapy suggest multiple treatments to see incredible results – it’s not a ploy to have you spending more money, it’s genuinely when we can start to see the magic take place!

One of the primary reasons why a client has an advanced skin treatment in the first place is to address the likes of unwanted pigmentation and sun damage. This damage has accumulated on their skin over a long period of time which is why multiple treatments are often required to correct it. Think of it like this – this skin concern has occurred over a matter of years so it’s going to take more than an hour to correct it.

Young skin rejuvenates and recycles itself every 28 days. Every year, after we turn 30 years of age, this rejuvenation process slows down by 1%. So, it’s up to us as professional skin therapists to get your skin behaving like the youthful one it once was.

We do this through the support of exfoliation to promote cell turnover, movement of your fibroblasts and boosting circulation. The ultimate goal is to have your skin working hard during that 28-day cycle and get back to behaving like a young skin. Once we achieve this, we’re able to transition into a maintenance routine.

What we cannot stress enough is that this process takes more than one session, and we’ll need some support from you at-home. For every year over 30, we’ve lost 1% of that rejuvenation power so we cannot expect to gain it all back after one treatment! This is the benefit of having regular skin treatments. When you commit to the process, you’re able to gain back more and more of those youthful skin characteristics and reap the benefits long-term.

Another benefit of regular skin treatments is that you’ll likely save money on makeup and skincare. Yes, you read that correctly! Having regular skin treatments means that your skin is consistently in exceptional condition which in turn, means you need to rely on less makeup. Many devotes to regular skin treatments comment that they use less and less makeup, in particular foundation, each day as their skin tone is already a beautiful even texture.

When it comes to skincare, we’re taking away the guesswork so you can farewell the overspending on the wrong products and instead, welcome the simplicity and glowing skin of a professionally prescribed at-home routine. Professional grade skincare is undoubtedly an investment but when you compare it to buying multiple, ill-fitting skincare products every few weeks (that are likely doing your skin more harm than good), you’re likely saving yourself some coin!

This ties in perfectly with our next benefit which is that your skin is consistently changing so thanks to regular skin treatments, you’re able to adapt and tweak your in-clinic and at-home routine to suit it.

Any exceptional skin therapist will track your progress with the support of a professional skin analysis. This is an opportunity to see how far your skin has come and tweak your routines to match new priorities or maintenance goals.

The likes of the weather, seasons and changes in lifestyle can all affect the skin in different ways which is why being in regular contact with your skin therapist allows them to maintain your skin results with considered professional recommendations.

If you’re serious about taking control of your skin, regular treatments are no longer a nice-to-have but a total skin essential! Chat to us today about booking in your professional skin consultation to kickstart your personalised skin journey.

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