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Japanese Honeysuckle Elegant Triple Scented Candle 2 Wick 400g


Japanese Honeysuckle Elegant Triple Scented Candle 2 Wick 400g


Combining fruity and floral notes this exotic blend of mandarin, neroli and honeysuckle is sure to delight the young at heart.
As you light the Japanese Honeysuckle candle, and the fragrance floats around, feel light, uplifted and full of a youthful energy.

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More Information

The Japanese Honeysuckle candle is Proudly Australian Made. All candles are individually hand poured using only the highest quality non-toxic wax and lead free cotton wicks. Every candle features triple scented fragrant wax for long lasting ambience in any room.

Note: The Japanese Honeysuckle candle comes with a limited edition gold lid.

With correct candle care and maintenance, enjoy the chosen fragrance for up to 80 hours.

Care Instructions

  • Ensure the wicks are 1/2 cm every burn to remain at a smoke-free height. This will also eliminate black soot and keep the jar at the ideal temperature.
  • Do not continue to burn your candle once the wax is 1/4 inch from the bottom of the glass. Letting the candle burn further than this may lead to the glass jar becoming extremely hot and potentially causing the glass to crack.
  • Always allow the candle to burn long enough to create a melt pool of wax across the whole diameter of the jar. This will prevent tunnelling of your candle wax and allows for an even burn.
  • Never allow the candle flame to come into contact with the side of the glass jar.
  • Never move a burning candle when the wax is liquid.
  • Do not burn the candle is the glass is chipped or cracked.


  • Paraffin soy blend wax
  • Cotton Wick
  • Glass Jar
  • Australian Made


Please note: during cooler months, candles may take longer to burn to the edge.

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