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Adjusting Your Skin Health Routine for the Autumn and Winter Seasons

It’s that time again when even us lucky ones on the Gold Coast have to maybe switch out our tees for a sweater. Autumn has arrived and were here to explain how with every season, the way you care for your skin should be adjusted.

Now, don’t panic. We’re not going to ask you to completely switch up your routine but there are things you can be doing in the clinic and at home to support your skin through seasonal changes. Think of your skin health routine like our seasonal wardrobes. You don’t head to the snow in a Summer dress, right? Just like we protect our bodies with clothing during seasonal changes, we have to do the same with our skin.

Read on as we share some of the easiest ways to support your skin through seasonal changes and how you can incorporate some incredible SkinEnergy treatments into your routine.

Autumn and Winter are the perfect time for aesthetic treatments

From removing unwanted pigmentation, stretch mark reduction to tattoo removal, these cooler seasons are actually the perfect time to kickstart longer treatment journeys. This time of the year means we’re not hitting the beach and sun as often which allows us to get stuck into our aesthetic treatments.

We are a big fan of beginning treatment journeys like IPL, Skin Needling and Laser Tattoo Removal during this time of the year because it means by the time Summer rolls around and we’re all heading out to social events, your skin is in its best condition! Talk about big Summer reveal!

Supporting cell renewal

During colder months, you may find that your skin feels drier, flakier or more sensitive than normal. This is because our cell renewal can slow down. Thanks to exfoliation, we can help to speed things up again and have your skin feeling and looking fresher. This is where a course of Microdermabrasion or Skin Peel treatments come in. Incredible at supporting skin renewal, these SkinEnergy services are the perfect regular treat for your skin during these seasons.

At home, establishing a balanced exfoliation routine is recommended. Depending on your skin, exfoliation two to three times per week will help to remove any build-up of dead skin, invigorate circulation and support better penetration of skincare products.  

At SkinEnergy, we are your DMK experts with an exfoliation solution to suit every skin type. A product like our Micro Peel turns your exfoliation into a mini at-home facial as the product lifts and clears away debris and dead cell material over a five-to-ten-minute period.

Simple skincare switches

During the cooler months, our skin runs the risk of being stripped from hydration and natural moisture. This is thanks to an increase of wind, warm heaters and hot showers. Consequently, it is up to us to replenish what our skin has lost to maintain a strong and healthy barrier.

This is why a seasonal skin consultation is highly recommended. The lightweight products we’ve been using during the hotter months have done an incredible job, but once Autumn and Winter come around, sometimes our skin needs extra nourishment that these products aren’t giving us. This is where a consultation delivers recommendations of products to switch out for the cooler months to accommodate for this. Changing one or two hero products in your routine can make the world of difference in maintaining healthy skin all year round.

If you are unsure whether the products, you’re currently using are best supporting your skin or your noticing unexpected shifts in your skin with the weather changes, then we recommend starting with a skin consultation.

Need support with your seasonal skin health routine? We’re here for you! Book your SkinEnergy consultation today and let’s set you up with the perfect Autumn and Winter skin routine.

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